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Responsive Websites

I've made Responsive Websites for freelancing companies and also design the various website in my current company which is in Wordpress. I've made websites for the E-Commerce Company, Bloggers. I made websites using Manual Coding like Bootstrap, HTML, CSS and for the effects in my website I use CSS3 Effects, JQuery and JS.


Stark is a website designed for the digital company who design websites for companies.I've tried to use different and new tricks and techniques in this website. Website designed using HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, JS & Jquery.


PIXIFY is an ecommerce company and it sells product online of different stores on its own platform. I've designed this website for this company. I've designed the UI Part for this website using Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JS & Jquery.


Locatelocale is a blogger website containing diiferent sections like fashion, food, travel, wedding and fashion. Website designed using HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, JS & Jquery.


Vomaara is the most sought-after social media lead generation expert with the largest number of satisfied clients. Designed this complete website in WordPress and all the illustrations and images used in this websites are designed in Adobe Photoshop